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Service Learning in Kenya at Batian’s View
We Invite You to Ask Yourself…

  •  Do you have a group of motivated travelers who want to experience Kenya as few visitors are able?
  • Do you want to avoid the normal safari lodges that come with high prices and restricted schedules?
  • Do you wish to not only have a fun and memorable time in Kenya, but to also make a difference in the lives of others during your visit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,
Batian’s View can help!

Batian’s View – Our involvement with Service Learning in Kenya (SLIK)

Since 2005 Batian’s View has been working with individuals or with groups as large as 60 to create an experience the combines the pleasure of visiting Kenya with the gratification of helping others. Along with taking care of the logistics for your adventures in Kenya, Batian’s View will connect your group with a meaningful community service project near the town of Naro Moru. At any given time there are opportunities to volunteer as a teacher in a primary school, to help with the daily chores at a local orphanage (this includes playing with 25 kids at once!), to assist with a school improvement project, and to take part in the community’s reforestation efforts in the forests of Mt. Kenya.

We can create an experience for you that will be within your means and very comfortable as well. Batian’s View offers a wide range of accommodation and meal plans, from the most luxurious to the simple, but rewarding, experience of camping along the Naro Moru River that runs through Batian’s View. Because many of the community service projects take place within a few miles of Batian’s View, there is no need for a vehicle, which can be a significant savings. And when you are ready to climb Mt. Kenya or embark on a safari to one of Kenya’s game parks, the experienced staff at Batian’s View will plan your safari to be within your budget and very comfortable as well.

Experience Your Potential

While the focus of SLIK is that of the visitors teaching and interacting with the Kenyan students and teachers, the experience goes much further than that. SLIK participants can also expect:

Community Service

Each SLIK trip includes a significant community service project at one of the primary schools. Past project have included putting in new cement floors, creating a school garden and even the construction of new classrooms. Prior to going to Kenya participants will be asked to assist with fund raising efforts for the project. These projects involve a lot of hard physical labor, with the outcome being an improved learning environment for the Kenyan students and faculty.

Cultural Interaction

SLIK students will spend the bulk of their day interacting with Kenyan teachers and students. They will also have an opportunity to visit the homes of Kenyans living in a rural area and gain a first hand understanding of their lifestyle. Students will also meet with elders who were part of Kenya’s struggle for independence in the 1950s.


Each evening the students will have a variety of classes related to Kenya’s history, natural history, and national language, Kiswahili.

Experiential Education

A day will be spent with intensive leadership and team building activities on the high and low challenge course at Batian’s View. High school aged Kenyans from local schools may also be a part of this activity

Wildlife Safari

A three-day safari to Samburu Game Reserve where the group will camp and see the wildlife for which this area is famous.

SLIK Video Gallery

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