Batian’s View

The Adventure Starts Here

Let Batian’s View Education Centre be your base for climbing Mt. Kenya or exploring other locations on the Laikipia Plateau. Peter Kafuna, the Co-Manager at Batian’s View, has lived in the area for over 20 years and has climbed Mt. Kenya more times than can be remembered. As a former instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School, East Africa Branch, Mr. Kafuna has traveled extensively around Mt. Kenya and throughout Kenya as well. He will put his experience and expertise to use in creating an adventure that will far exceed expectations.

Batian’s View has a complete supply of the gear and clothing one needs for a safe and comfortable hike on Mt. Kenya. If one is in need of a guide and possibly porters, Batian’s View will arrange that too. And from our location at 7,000’ on the western slopes of Mt. Kenya, it is quite possible for one to leave Batian’s View on foot in the morning and be at 10,000’ in Mt. Kenya National Park in the afternoon. Not only is this an exhilarating hike, but you will also save money in vehicle fees.

Batian’s View is also a welcomed stop for travelers in need of a hot meal and comfortable bed, or a place to pitch a tent for a few days. Batian’s View can accommodate individuals or large groups arriving in overland vehicles.