Unearthing Ability, Creating Fraternity, Refining Perspectives

What will you gain from your experience at Batian’s View?

Young people often have vast reservoirs of untapped potential. Our courses dig deep, helping them gain more perspective, self-confidence and value leadership skills. We create programmes that are ideal for students of all ages and have a variety of courses ranging from one-day, to week-long sessions.

Using few resources and often under a time limit, groups are forced to be more creative in their approach of each challenge. Also, when faced with Batian’s View Experiential Education Center provides insightful and effective training strategies to help students of all ages discover the importance of effective teamwork and meaningful leadership. In the classroom a student’s focus is on learning the material presented by the teacher and gaining the skills and knowledge to be successful later in life. It is also important, however, for a student to learn how to be a supportive peer and take a leadership role when the opportunity presents itself. All too often the academic rigours of the school day leave little room for the development of these two important qualities that can strengthen the classroom atmosphere. This is where Batian’s View can provide its expertise and experience in helping students learn how to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve in a fun and exciting setting.

‘Batian’s View is a much needed effort to help young people from all walks of life discover their voices of positive leadership. With over 55% of Kenyans being under the age of 20, it is an investment in Kenya’s heritage.’

– Muhia Karianjahi, Director, Tanari Trust Kenya


Experience Your Potential

Learn more about individual programmes, and find the programme the is right for your school!

Getting to Know You

This schedule of activities is geared towards recently formed groups. These activities might be considered ice-breakers, but Batian’s View enhances this concept by helping the group’s individuals interact in creative and engaging ways. One objective of this program is for each individual to know the name of everyone else, whether we are working with a group of 6 or 60. It takes work and commitment, but the rewards are tremendous when the group gathers again with a heightened level of familiarity.

Let's Get Physical!

This program is all about a group increasing its level of trust between individuals. We begin slowly with spotting exercises, where one person must allow another into their personal space to ensure his or her safety.

One simple exercise is that of the One on One Trust Fall. In pairs, one person is the spotter and the other the faller. With his or her back to the spotter and with folded arms, the faller will lean back into the outstretched hands of the spotter. This may only be three inches, but far enough that when the spotter’s hands touch the faller’s back, a heightened level of trust results. As the group’s confidence in one another grows, more advanced techniques are employed, such as the Wind in the Willow or the Blind Trust Walk.

Problem Solving 101

These activities will challenge a group’s mental creativity and physical prowess as they problem solve to escape the clutches of a most perilous situation. Imagine that you and 10 others are stranded on one side of a bottomless chasm with only a few tools at your disposal to get across, and only 10 minutes before a slow moving lava field reaches you. While the scenarios may bring out a few laughs in the group, the communication, discussion and decision making required for success is no laughing matter. In such situations a premium is placed on ideas being voiced and heard, as the group narrows its focus on the most effective solution. Be prepared for frustration as well as moments of ‘ah-ha!’ as the group experiments with the solution that will save the day!

Low Ropes Challenge

A low ropes challenge course is a series of activities utilizing poles, cables, ropes and boards. Each presents the group with a different challenge, some which place a premium on problem solving, physical ability or a combination of both. Often these are activities where spotting is required and a heightened level of trust is needed to ensure each individual’s safety. While the objective of an element may be straightforward, completing the task may take much longer than anticipated. The group must take care to follow the rules and not take short cuts, which can be tempting after several failed attempts. Success is not a guarantee, but even in failure a group is able to evaluate its ‘process’ – the emphasis placed on listening and relationships, versus ‘product’- the level of success. It is not uncommon for a group to fail in achieving it’s ‘product,’ but realize newfound success in terms of ‘process’ and teamwork.

High Ropes Challenge

On a high ropes course we take the level of challenge to new heights, both literally and figuratively. For such an experience a participant wears a helmet and climbing harness, and is attached to a rope. The climber is belayed by a trained facilitator, whereby slack is taken in as a climber ascends. At 35 feet off the ground a participant challenges their fears, negotiates obstacles high off the ground, expands their comfort zone, and builds self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Each climber is supported by a team of four people on the ground, ensuring the climber’s physical and emotional well-being. The high course circuit concludes with an exhilarating zip line ride with a panoramic view of Mount Kenya.